“I am so relieved that we were able to do this before I left Chile - thank you so much for your excellent counsel and expertise. I'll certainly be telling my gringa friends! Thanks to you, I invested the money I was able to withdraw from my AFP into the UK state pension, to ensure I have a complete pension when I retire.” (Simone, UK) 


“After an unsuccessful attempt at recovering my AFP funds, it seemed impossible to move forward given all the complex and seemingly contradictory stipulations of the AFP manager. I contacted Maria, and she made everything extremely easy, while being very nice in the process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling in the red tape labyrinth that can be anything AFP related.” (Jorge, Spain)


“Maria’s help was invaluable during the process of me obtaining my AFP funds before leaving Chile. She was always available to answer my questions and gave me lots of useful advice and tips on how to  navigate the system. I was successful partly due to her expertise and assistance! Thank you Maria!” (Fiona, UK)


"Thank you for your excellent work and quick completion of my request. My money would still be at the AFP without your help. Someone like you is needed on site to guide professionally through the submission process and provides very precise information in advance." (Julia, Austria)


"Without Maria's help in Chile, it would not have worked for me and I am very grateful for her great support. Thanks to her experience and knowledge, I finally gained the process (in my third attempt). You can get started quickly and easily and thus achieve the success of the payout with Maria´s guidance." (Janna, Germany)