Timeline for AFP Fund Retrieval under Law 18.156 (Technical Foreign Professionals)

When can I expect to receive my AFP funds payout?

How much time should I allocate for the entire retrieval process before departing Chile?


Frequently, prospective clients inquire about the optimal timing to commence the bureaucratic process, assemble required documents, and arrange translations for the AFP payout request. To facilitate your planning around departure dates or financial decisions, we offer insights into the timeline involved in the retrieval process under law 18.156.


Once you have assembled your legalized/apostilled documents (in languages other than Spanish), you must submit them for official translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santiago, also known as “MINREL” = Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. The duration for translation varies depending on document length and language of origin, typically averaging around 3 weeks (approximately 15 working days). Upon receiving a quotation, a 50 % upfront payment is required to initiate translation service. For expedited service, options such “Urgent” or “Extra Urgent” translation are available, significantly reducing delivery time (albeit at a higher cost, nearly double or triple). Upon settling the final translation balance, the translated document can be downloaded within 1 business day after payment.


D0 marks the official submission date of your payout request under law 18.156 on the respective AFP portal. Opting for online submission (applicable to AFP Planvital, AFP Modelo, AFP Provida, AFP Cuprum, and AFP Uno) is ideal, as it simplifies document preparation and allows retention of original documents, particularly advantageous for individuals already residing abroad. Within a week (5 working days), the fiscal prosecutor team at the AFP evaluates your payout request and provides notification on their decision. Upon approval, the net funds (adjusted for income tax) are typically deposited into your bank account within an additional 3 working days.


Regarding the timeline, we adhere to the official published regulation No. 161, dated November 2nd, 2015). However, it is worth nothing that AFP companies may sometimes cite alternative response time frames or extend the internal analysis and payout process.

Should you require personalized assistance with your case, please feel free to reach out and schedule feasibility analysis with our team. Since our inception in 2019, we have maintained a flawless track record, boasting a 100% success rate. We are proud to announce that we have successfully retrieved nearly 500 million Chilean pesos (approximately 500,000 USD) in AFP funds in Chile.