Sources of essential knowledge for everyone who is in the process

We want to share published knowledge from different AFP companies regarding the law 18.156 for professional foreigners hired in Chile:

  • Ley N° 18.156 - Publication of the legal text about professional foreigners working for a Chilean company (and their possibility to exclude themselves from social contributions in Chile) 
  • Circular N° 553 – Issued by the "Superintendencia de Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones" about the exception of social contributions in Chile for technical professional foreigners
  • AFP Planvital - Official guideline published by the company Planvital
  • AFP Modelo - Detailed explanation about the retrieval process
  • AFP Provida - Foreign professional workers hired in Chile
  • AFP Habitat - Retrieval process explained by Habitat
  • AFP Cuprum - Frequently asked questions answered by Cuprum
  • AFP Capital - FAQs published by AFP Capital
  • AFP UNO - Form to submit online payout request